Superintendent Kent Campbell

Kent Campbell 


It is an honor to serve as Superintendent of Perry County Schools. This is a duty I do not take lightly.  I am dedicated to ensuring the success of all students within the district through effective collaboration between school staff and central office, frequent data analysis, and strategic planning.  The Comprehensive District Improvement Plan (CDIP) outlines our goals and provides details on how we plan to support schools in achieving these objectives. Among those goals are the following:


     Increase reading and math proficiency to 70% by 2025.

     Increase science, writing, and social studies proficiency to 60% by 2025.

     Increase the graduation rate each year.

     Increase collective teacher efficacy through purposeful learning opportunities that are aligned with professional growth goals. 

     By 2025, all schools will be high performing in all academic areas.


Non-Negotiable Expectations

     All stakeholders will work together to create a supportive school environment which empowers students and staff to attain the highest levels of success.

     Staff will continually analyze data sources to make informed adjustments to instructional practices.

     Each member of our educational community will hold other members and themselves accountable and work to remove barriers to success.


The mission of Perry County Schools' is to provide a safe and engaging school environment where students are not only supported, but also challenged.


The vision of Perry County Schools is to provide students with the tools to be post-secondary ready, community leaders, and innovative thinkers.


The belief of Perry County Schools is to educate each student to their maximum potential using engaging instructional strategies. Each school will be a welcoming environment for every student and will assist in providing support to eliminate barriers to success. Our district embodies the vision of building up future leaders for our community.