College and Career Readiness

What is College and Career Readiness?

College Readiness is weighted at 16% of the middle schools’ overall scores and is determined using the results of the EXPLORE tests given to 8th graders in the fall of each year. The EXPLORE test is a part of ACT’s EPAS System and helpsprepare students and inform schools, students, parents and community membersabout a student’s readiness for the ACT.

    College/Career Readiness comprises 20% of the high schools’ overall scores. CCR for high school is a bit more complicated.

           1.)    College Ready
           2.)    Career Ready
           3.)    College and Career Ready

Schools receive 1 point for each percentage of students who are either College Ready or Career Ready. The can receive an additional ½ bonus point for the percentage of students who are BOTH College AND Career Ready.

*Note:   College Readiness has one component–ACADEMIC. Career Readiness has two components–ACADEMIC and TECHNICAL. To be Career Ready a student must meet one of the requirements in both the Academic and Technical categories.

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How do you become College and Career Ready?

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