Comprehensive District Improvement Plan


Kristie Gorman
Assistant Superintendent

The CDIP and CSIP process to develop the plans are based on the following:

1. How were planning and needs assessment committees organized?

2. Who are the members/representative groups who serve on the committee?

3. How are the needs of the school or district determined?

4. How are the goals and strategies decided upon?

5. How will improvement planning be ensured in the future?

6. How will the plan and other important information be shared with stakeholders?   (Communication Plan)


CDIP/CSIP Coordinator:  Kristie Gorman


1. First is to establish a planning and needs assessment committee to dvelop plan around the three major groups of standards in the Standards and Indicators for School Improvement.

2. Next the plan will need to be developed and completed by committee members based on various data anylsis with projected impact on student achievement and establishing priority needs.

3. Then, the plan will need to be placed on publis review for 2 weeks with notice through various media outlets and signature sheets available for documentation of review.

4. The plan will then need to be redeveloped by committee based on review documentation and then approved by SBDM Councils and Board.  All members will need to sign for documentation of approval.

5. Plans will need to reviewed at monthly SBDM meetings if needed and then Implementation and Impacts (I & Is) completed and aprroved by SBDM Councils and Board.

6. Hard copies will need to be kept and sent to the board to the CSIP Coordinator