Professional Development

Cindy Gabbard

Cindy Gabbard
Chief Academic Officer


The mission of Perry County Schools' is to provide a safe and engaging school environment where students are not only supported, but also challenged.



The vision of Perry County Schools is to provide students with the tools to be post-secondary ready, community leaders, and innovative thinkers.

The goal of the Perry County Schools for Professional Development is for all teachers to be provided with high-quality Professional Development and grow as educators in their area of instruction.

High Quality PD:

1.       Be based at school and embedded in teachers’ regular work (Job Embedded)

2.       Include more than one-shot workshops

3.       Be done in groups, including everyone on the faculty

4.       Focus on academic content so it improves teachers’ knowledge in their fields of study

5.       Include analysis of student work as well as techniques for helping students master skills

6.       Align with other key parts of the educational system, such as content standards, teacher evaluations, and the goals of school.

PD Strategies:

1.       Demonstration Teaching

2.       Mentoring

3.       Coaching

4.       Opportunities for the team to debrief and reflect on their practice and their progress.

Learning Communities:

  • Learning communities in schools include teachers when they receive classroom visits, observations, and coaching from the principal, members of the leadership team, or designated coaches as appropriate to the school design.

  •  It is important to build capacity in leadership skills among members of the school.

  •  Professional Learning activities include data gathering, planning, research, knowledge sharing, and being an active generator and maintainer of best practices.