Teacher's Retirement

District Contact:
Jennifer Combs
Phone:  606-439-5813, Ext. 1260

Applying for retirement can be completed online now. Members complete their application, then Central Office is notified by TRS to complete the Employer Verification. Once your application has been completed, you will receive a copy of your Retirement Certification from Central Office.

Applications must be completed one month before your planned retirement date. Central Office requires 2 working days to submit the Employer Verification. Submitting applications at the last minute may result in a delay of your retirement date!



The TRS Mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices. Search for TRS Pathway in the app store.

Find information about your retirement account even when you don’t have time to contact TRS. This application permits you to review your account:
- Summary, which includes the current account balance and service credit as of the latest reporting by your employer.
- Annual Statement, which provides an account overview.
- Beneficiary names for your retirement account and life insurance benefit.

You also will be able to:
- Estimate your future benefits based on a retirement date you select.
- Enroll in retirement and health plan seminars.
- Request additional information.

Contact TRS

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Accounting Department:  502-573-0254

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