Tablet Information

This video is some footage we shot of students from Buckhorn High School collaborating with and training teachers at Chavies Elementary.

Perry County students grades 8-12 recently received some exciting news: Thanks to funding from Title 1, Windows Surface tablets are coming to their schools. In fact, each student will be assigned a specific tablet of his or her own for use in the classroom--and even at home.

During a recent state review at Perry County Central High School, it was observed that student access to school computers and other technological devices during normal daily instruction was limited. The goal of this tablet initiative is to put valuable digital technology into the hands of every student. Once implemented, the program should help level the playing field for all students, especially those who do not have computer access at home.

Since the Surface is a miniature computer, the tablet program will allow students access to many tools and online resources that can enrich their educational experience. This is of particular importance at the high school level where the focus is on college and career readiness. However, the program has been extended to include eighth graders in order to provide them the chance to become acclimated to digital learning and manipulation of digital text before they enter high school.

In addition to benefiting the students, the access to digital textbooks and supplemental resources is expected to save the district money.

All students in grades 8th through 12th are expected to have these tablets in their hands by November 15th, with the program fully implemented by late November.

Certain terms and conditions for use of the tablets will be established by a team comprised of central office staff, administrators, and teachers. Students who do not abide by these guidelines will lose the privilege of taking the tablets outside of school.