Internet Safety

Though students may rely on the Internet for school assignments and entertainment, online activity can expose students to a number of hazards. By keeping some safety information in mind, students and parents can ensure a safe online experience.

  • General Safety

Parents and educators may consider holding regular conversations with students who frequently use the Internet, according to the online safety organization Net Smartz and these discussions should revolve around topics like email safety, keeping information private and common financial scams.


  • Social Networking

Social networking websites can introduce special safety considerations for students. Because these sites rely on users sharing thoughts and opinions, predators can approach students with an arsenal of personal information. Parents and educators should remind students to avoid contact with people they do not personally know when using social networking sites.


  • Cyberbully

During the first decade of the twenty-first century, cyberbullying, or online harassment of students by other students, gained a considerable amount of media attention. Students who feel pressure from others through the Internet or other online resources should immediately notify an adult.


Teacher Resources

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