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About the School

Mission Statement  

Our mission is to educate for success!!


The Buckhorn Story

For 109 years, the students and Buckhorn School community have celebrated a rich, Appalachian heritage. Nestled in the scenic mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the Buckhorn School serves the educational needs of approximately 350 students in grades Kindergarten through 12th.

Buckhorn is home to the 54th District Boys Basketball Champions 2011-2012 and 14th Region All A Champs as well as to Coach John Noble, 14th Region Coach of the Year! 

In 2010-2011, our Buckhorn Children's Center School was named A Best Practice Site by the Kentucky Department of Education.

Every year for graduation services, our students follow the time-honored tradition of walking in two lines side by side across the road to the historical landmark, the Log Cathedral in Buckhorn, Kentucky. The nearly 100 year-old Log Cathedral is a favorite spot of the locals as well as many tourists visiting the Buckhorn State Resort Park located directly behind the school. The pipe organ still beautifully plays Pomp and Circumstance as the organist crafts timeless artisan magic.