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Frequently Asked Questions About Opening School

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Reopening School



Social Distancing

*Will students be required to social distance at all times?  Yes that will be the expectation. If there are times when separation of 6 feet is not possible, masks should be worn at all times.

*If social distancing is not possible in areas of the school what will be done to help increase student and staff safety?  Plastic dividers may be used to assist with protection in the event social distancing is not possible.  And again masks should be worn at all times if social distancing is not possible.


Cloth Face Coverings, School Health Policies and Personal Protective Equipment

*Do masks have to be worn at all times by students and staff?  Unless someone has a medical reason for not wearing a mask, they should be worn at all times on the bus and anytime students and staff are moving.  If students are 6 feet apart in the classroom the mask can be removed during instruction.

*What Personal Protective Equipment is required?  At this time only masks are required by the department for public health, on the bus, when moving and if social distancing can’t be achieved.  If someone has a health condition that would prevent them from wearing a mask they are not required.

*How was the plan to reopen developed?  Parameters were established by district administration based on the guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Education and the department for public health.  Those parameters were discussed with our “reopening committee” and individual schools developed plans based on the number of in person students returning.


 Screening and School Exclusion

*Will students and staff be screened before entering the school daily?  Yes students will have temperature checks before they enter the building and we are trying to establish a process for that to occur before they get on the bus.  Students that don’t ride a bus or if they drive will have their temperature checked before they exit their vehicles.  Staff will be required to complete a health screening document every morning when arriving at work.

*What should you do if you feel sick or have a fever?  If anyone feels sick or has a fever they should not come to school.  If you have a fever of 100.4 or greater you should not come to school.  You can return to school if you don’t have a fever for 72 hours without taking any medication.

*What if someone becomes sick at school?  If someone becomes sick at school they will be isolated until someone can pick them up.


Sanitation and Environmental Factors

*How will buses and schools be sanitized and disinfected?   Buses will be disinfected after each route.  Schools will be sanitized on a regular schedule every day.  High touch areas (door knobs, desks, restrooms etc.) will be disinfected and sanitized routinely throughout the day.  Students will be given additional restroom breaks to ensure they can thoroughly wash their hands often.  Hand sanitizer will be readily available for all students and staff.


Contact Tracing

*What will happen in the event a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?  We will follow the guidelines from the department for public health and the contact tracers.  The purpose in having students in one place as much as possible is to limit the exposure to as many people as possible.  This will assist the contact tracers in identifying who should self-quarantine and increase the chances of our schools staying open in the event of a positive case.

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