Employee Health Insurance

District Contact: Jessica Brashear
Phone: (606) 439-5813 ext. 1242
Email Jessica






All employees must complete a health insurance application at this time.
Failure to complete an application will place an employee in the Standard PPO Health Insurance plan, where they will remain until Open Enrollment 2018.

To waive this health insurance, employees must provide proof they have other health insurance.
The proof must be a health insurance provider and policy number.



How to Complete Your Health Insurance Application:


Review your 2018 Open Enrollment Guide (available at all schools).


Complete the Application included in the Guide and return to your school.




Enroll online using KHRIS.












*When you enroll online, you can view your beneficiaries and update them if needed. You can also provide your proof of health insurance if you choose the Waiver. You will receive email confirmation that you have completed the 2018 Open Enrollment.
























































































































































































































About Your Health Insurance
















































































































































































Anthem BlueCross BlueShield
Anthem Member Login


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Health Insurance Plans Available
































































































































































































































































Standard CDHP           LivingWell CDHP
































































































































































































































































Standard PPO              LivingWell PPO
































































































































































































































































Waiver HRA*
*For employees with other qualifying Health Insurance Coverage.
































































































































































































































































LiveHealthOnline Mobile App - See a doctor from your smartphone!
































































































































































































































































LiveHealth Online
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Go365 Wellness and Rewards Program
Go365 Login

Complete the online Health Assessment or a Vitality Check at your school - Mandatory for employees with the LivingWell Health Insurance plans.

Earn rewards in the Go365 Mall by completing your LivingWell Promise, linking your Go365 account to your personal fitness trackers, getting a flu shot, or a physical exam.

Save your reward points and buy gift cards, movie tickets, apparel, fitness equipment, or other electronics.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Anthem Mobile App
































































































































































































































































Anthem Mobile App
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Anthem Cancer Care Information
































































































































































































































































Cancer Care     Cancer Care
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Health Insurance Forms
































































































































































































































































2017 KEHP Active Employee Health Insurance Qualifying Event
































































































































































































































































2017 KEHP Update Form
































































































































































































































































Enrollment-Eligibility Grievance Form
































































































































































































































































2017 KEHP FSA Enrollment-Change Application
































































































































































































































































Individual Authorization
































































































































































































































































Medical Claim Form
































































































































































































































































2017 KEHP Federal Post Tax Request Form
































































































































































































































































2017 KEHP Retirees Qualifying Event Form
































































































































































































































































2017 KEHP Retiree Enrollment Application
































































































































































































































































Optional Employee Insurance
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































CompBenefits Vision
































































































































































































































































CompBenefits Vision
































































































































































































































































Delta Dental
































































































































































































































































Delta Dental