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Message From The Superintendent
Superintendent Jonathan Jett

As Superintendent of Perry County Schools I am committed to ensuring every student is college and/or career ready upon completion of high school.  In order for this to become a reality our Comprehensive District Improvement Plan must reflect this focus.  The plan must also be a living document that drives every decision we make as a district.  Our Comprehensive District Improvement Plan goals are as follows:

  1. Increase the percentage of proficient and distinguished students to 50% for elementary, middle and high school in reading and math.
  2. Increase the percentage of college and career ready students from 44% to 52% by May 2014.
  3. Increase the graduation rate from 83% to 85% by May 2014.
  4. Increase the average combined reading and math profiency ratings for all students in the non-duplicated gap group from 32% to 46% by May 2014.
  5. Increase capacity in all system participants through professional growth. 

In addition to these annual goals we also establish goals through 10 day plans.  These plans are reviewed through our district leadership team meetings bi-weekly.  In order to maintain growth across our district we must also develop long range goals as a school district. At this time we are in the beginning stages of strategic planning for Perry County Schools.

Our district motto is "We Expect Success".  This means success for everyone.  In order for everyone to be successful we must have shared accountability throughout our school system and work together to ensure everyone receives the support they need to become successful.


 College/Career Readiness Link




  • The Perry County School district will promote a positive culture void of ex-cuses through effective communication.


  • All stakeholders (i.e. board members, central office staff, school administrators, teachers, students, community members and parents) will work within clearly defined, transparent, roles/job descriptions resulting in sustainable systematic action plans.


  • Pertinent data must be produced by any stakeholder requesting resources, and resources must be continually monitored for effectiveness through data analysis.


  • All Perry County students will internalize their goals/benchmarks and co-lead a curriculum that prepares them for the next level.


  • Within our educational community, each member will hold other members and themselves accountable and will not experience an environment where fear serves as a barrier to success.



Perry County students raising the standard for lifelong learning.


 The vision of Perry County Schools is to ensure student success, as measured by college and career readiness, through the building and sustaining of appropriate systems for continuous academic achievement and lifelong endeavors.